Hospital Renovation

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Northside Gwinnett Medical Center – Lawrenceville


Main Lobby – Both a renovation and addition, the impetus behind the change was to continue the hospitals’ brand from the established concept at the Duluth campus. The new presence addressed patient-friendly flooring without grouting, a visual sense of arrival at the hospital, and smiling faces to greet patients and families upon entering the main lobby. The lobby feeds directly into the mainstreet corridor to services inside the hospital, easing traffic flow and wayfinding.

North Tower - The new addition of the patient tower created appropriately sized patient rooms and the ability to offer private plus rooms. The nurse stations are open and provide no barriers to communication between staff and families. The typical corridor widens at intervals to allow the nursing staff to chart directly outside patient rooms while observing the patient. Corner isolation rooms provide great views of the surrounding campus. The community has embraced the commitment to excellence evidenced by the new tower.

Open Heart – The surgery renovation and open heart addition were a necessary growth of a successful program. The open heart surgical suites included an energy-saving HVAC system as well as a natural daylight surrounding corridor. The staff typically spends many hours in the OR’s, so an interior lounge and locker area provides a relaxing space to take a break and change teams. A conference space is also built into the inner core to utilize for private interaction between team members. The selection of cork flooring and rubber/cork combination flooring alleviated foot fatigue in the respite and break areas, while still maintaining infection control guidelines.
Registration – Directly located off the mainstreet corridor, the registration and associated waiting area is organized into pods to give families privacy to sit in groups as a sociopetal style.