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How Will Self-Driving Cars Influence Senior Living?

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So we're aware of the prediction that self-driving cars will change the delivery industry, from delivery of mundane packages, to groceries, to delivery of pharmacy prescriptions. How does this affect seniors? In retirement, there will be less and less reason to leave their homes. Virtually everything can and will be dropped at their door; except for family and friends.

With the downturn in occupancy of retirement communities, we can see that if all supplies and staples needed for existence can be delivered, then why would a grandfather of 80 years want to move into a facility? The answer falls into the category of socialization and the need for interaction with people.
That is why grandpa feels good about a move into a community of individuals with similar needs. He wants to entertain his friends and family. He still helps his grandchildren with their homework some afternoons, but he is not lonely.

Loneliness and isolation is a very prominant and real precipice for poor mental health. By joining a group of people who live and dine together, our elders have interactions and stimulating conversations that are healthy and worthwhile.

This is why these communities exist.

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